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Massage and Stess

One common physical symptom of stress is muscle tension. Common psychological symptoms of stress are depression, anxiety, or general difficulty coping with everyday tasks. By treating the physical symptoms of stress, your Massage Therapist can help reduce muscle tension and pain. Massage Therapy can help to soothe your stress away. The following types of pain can be treated by your Massage Therapist by reducing muscle tension in muscle groups surrounding / connected to the area of pain:

- Headache
- Period Pain
- Muscle Strain

Some other types of pain may also by reduced by massage therapy. No wonder, people remain tired, irritable, and unhealthy. Get a body massage and Head Massage. Massage helps you feel more relaxed. It also stimulates your muscles, refreshes your body, and helps get rid off stress. Water also helps in eliminating toxics from your body, which help you feel better.

Used on the neck shoulders, scalp and face to stimulate or relax the body, Indian head massage can provide relief for headaches, eye strain, joint and muscle tension. Massage is an excellent treatment to relieve stress and tension in the body as a whole. The Benefits of Indian Head Massage. Indian head massage can benefit you in a number of ways. o relieving muscle tension and stimulating blood circulation

Indian Head Massage is carried out with you sitting in a comfortable chair.

What to Expect During an Indian Head Massage Session ?
Gentle stroking and working on acupressure points helps relieve any sinus pressure, stimulates circulation and increases alertness. There are several important acupressure points in the head and if carried out professionally, as with a reflexology massage an Indian head massage should feel just like a full body massage.
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